Civic Center Plaza is located in the heart of downtown San Diego in a strategic location next to City Hall.


The property is unique in its location and will be a prime component of any redevelopment of the Civic complex. Civic Center Plaza was acquired by Cisterra Development and leased to the City of San Diego to accommodate continued occupancy of the property. The City and Cisterra entered into a twenty year absolute bondable net lease whereby the City has certain options to acquire the building. This was important to the City in the event it determined to redevelop the entire City Center Plaza area. Cisterra used an extremely low cost finance vehicle and was able to pass this low cost financing benefit through to the City in the form of reduced rent creating a win-win relationship.


Built in 1973, Civic Center Plaza is surrounded by the Civic Theater and city offices. Benches, picnic tables, shade trees, and landscaping around the perimeter help create a welcome gathering space for civic events and provide space for area employees to enjoy an outdoor break. A water fountain, emulating the bow of a ship cutting through the sea, entitled “Bow Wave” by Leland Malcolm and a terrazzo design commemorating Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s discovery of San Diego bay in 1542 can be found at Civic Center Plaza.


  • Location: Downtown San Diego
  • Project Type: Office
  • Size: 300,000 SF

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